3 Best Combinations to wear Kaftan Evening Dresses

3 Best Combinations to wear Kaftan Evening Dresses


The word caftan, which has passed into our language from Persian, is derived from the word "haftan". Haftan means hiding and covering. Kaftan, on the other hand, is a type of furry dress that goes down from the neck to the heels. The caftans decorated with special embroideries called Meneviş were worn only by the sultans. What does kaftan mean, TDK dictionary meaning? We have compiled all the details of where to wear a kaftan.

How to Wear a Kaftan in the Evening

Kaftans look great on almost all women, no matter how the look, how their shape or size is, and help hide any parts of the body you would not like to be accentuated. And now the questions is how to wear a kaftan in the evening

Kaftan dresses, which come in long or half sleeves, mini or maxi lengths, are very popular this season. Choose the kaftan dress that best suits your style from the kaftan dresses that are also available in street style! So what is a kaftan dress, and how to combine kaftan dresses? We have prepared the most beautiful kaftan dress models for you. Do not forget to take a look at the content of our news.

Kaftan dress models are bohemian dress models that are associated with Eastern culture and spread all over the world by crossing borders. In the 2022 summer season, the designers included these pieces in their collections in different colors and patterns. Fashion lovers who adopt the bohemian style also happily add kaftans to their wardrobes. These stylish pieces that will not overwhelm your body in hot weather with their draped fabrics and can move freely should now be in your closet! You can achieve effortless elegance with kaftans, which are the star pieces of wardrobes, and you can amaze those who see you with your elegance both day and night.


If you like the bohemian style, there are a few details you should pay attention to when combining these kaftan dress models. Leather or straw sandals, heeled espadrilles, slippers in neutral tones, caftan dress models, and shoe options that easily adapt to warm seasons!


Wooden beads, thick wooden bracelets, glass beads or any accessory made of natural stones can be used in jewelry that will be compatible with caftan dresses. In addition, gold hoop earrings add a completely different modernity to this style.combination for kaftan dress


From your daily style to your beach combinations, there are different kinds of caftan dress models that you can get from this season, your savior in spring and summer.combination for kaftan dress


It is certain that kaftan dresses in cream and beige colors are the saviors! This color, which creates an elegant and rich look, suits every skin and hair color.combination for kaftan dress