10 Latest Kaftan Models for the Most Beautiful Eid

10 Latest Kaftan Models for the Most Beautiful Eid

Kaftan in Islamic countries is a Muslim woman's dress with a wide cut and large size. Some kaftans are long to cover the ankles, some are long over the calves, but some are only as long as the tunic.

Usually, women wear kaftans during Eid al-Fitr. The characteristics of the kaftan are clothes similar to a robe, with wide sleeves ( batwing ), which are usually attached directly to the body (not sewn separately). Usually, kaftans are made of materials and accessories that look luxurious, so they are perfect for use on holidays such as Eid and Thanksgiving events, or they can also be used for parties.

On this occasion, Ele London will discuss the 10 newest kaftan models for the most beautiful Eid in 2023. There are short to long caftans, and they are all beautiful! So what are you curious about? Come on, take a look below:

10 Latest Kaftan Models for the Most Beautiful Eid in 2022-23

1. Tribal

Tribal motifs were popular in 2013, but that doesn't mean you can't wear them this year, right? Tribal motifs combine traditional motifs from several ethnic groups, such as the Aztecs, Tibetans, Africans, and many more. This motif is charming and unique because each cloth will usually have a different pattern and color combination.

The latest kaftan model for this Eid comes with a tribal motif. Like most other kaftans, the sleeves of this Muslim dress are batwing. But, uniquely, this kaftan is given an elastic band around the waist so that it can follow the body shape of each wearer. Because this kaftan motif is crowded, it is highly recommended to use a plain scarf with neutral colors such as white or black.tribal kaftan

2. Red

The recommendation for the latest kaftan model for the following recommended Eid is a bright red kaftan. You will be the center of attention when wearing this Muslim dress because this dress has bright colors and is also a unique model.

Unlike most kaftans, this one is classified as slim because the cut is not too wide. In addition, this kaftan is similar to an empire-cut dress; the intersection between the top and bottom is just below the chest.

It's just that, for this kaftan, the intersection between the top (plain red) and the bottom (red pattern) is hi-lo, aka higher for the front and lower for the back. This makes this red kaftan unique, and you must have it. This kaftan is made from a combination of crepe and polyester.red kaftan dress

3. Metallic Blue

Metallic colors are becoming a fashion trend in 2022-23, from make-up to metallic-colored clothes that are sure to sell well in the market. Because of the color, material, and model, this kaftan looks very luxurious, so it is suitable for holiday use or parties.
The color is attractive, but this kaftan is combined with a batik motif in the middle, which adds luxury and beauty to the kaftan. In addition, this kaftan is also perfect with decoration around the neck and stomach. This kaftan is made of two materials, namely crepe and polyester.matallic blue

4. Double

The latest kaftan model for this Eid is unique because the shape of the sleeves is similar to a long-sleeved shirt overwritten by a short-sleeved shirt. The shape of the kaftan sleeves is like that. This kaftan comes in a mix of soft colors, pink and blue. However, this kaftan is also available in other options.double kaftan

5. Short

The recommendation for the latest kaftan model for the fifth Eid is a black batik motif caftan. The combination of batik on the shoulders and arms with the plain black bottom is lovely. What makes this caftan even more attractive is its unique shape, with short sleeves and a long skirt that only reaches the knee.

If usually, the kaftan is very long, some even touch the floor, this caftan is very short. So you will need more pants or skirts to wear this kaftan. And, of course, you need cuffs or outer to cover your arms.short kaftan dress

6. Tunic

Similar to the kaftan model above, this one is only knee-length, so this kaftan is more like a tunic. Pair this tunic kaftan with your favorite pipe pants, pencil pants, or skirt. Because of its relaxed shape, you can also use this kaftan for everyday use, such as for walks or social gatherings. This kaftan is made of stretchable crepe and weaves spandex.tunic

7. Tarik

The latest kaftan model for this Eid is already cute with a simple, straight cut and short sleeves. However, the fabric accents pulled and rolled in on one side of the waist make this kaftan look even cuter. This kaftan comes in pink; however, apart from that, there are also several other color choices.tarik kaftan

8. Marble

The recommendation for the latest kaftan model for the eighth Eid is a caftan with marble motifs. This motif is similar to an abstract motif because the marble motif itself does not have a pattern. Pair this kaftan with a plain white, blue, or black scarf.marble kaftan dress

9. Income

Many kaftans are often combined with additional accessories as a sweetener. Some use beads,  feathers, patterned fabrics, and lace, like the latest kaftan model for this Eid. The lace accent on this caftan extends from the sleeves and continues to the end of the garment. This beautiful kaftan is similar to the one worn by the singer Ashanti.income kaftan

10. All Black

Black! Who likes black? This color will never make you go out of style because black will always look trendy at any time. Black can also make the wearer look elegant and mysterious at the same time. The primary material for this kaftan is Balotelli cotton. To make it easier to open and put on the kaftan, there are buttons on this part of the kaftan up to the stomach. Kaftan is indeed the most appropriate clothes to wear during Eid. But, that doesn't mean you have to force yourself to buy a kaftan just because you want to look cool on Hari Raya. Buy it if you feel this kaftan is important to you, but, if you think you can still wear last year's Eid clothes, why not?all black