Women's fashion fall 2022-23 : basic wardrobe. What to wear to look stylish

Women's fashion fall 2022-23 : basic wardrobe. What to wear to look stylish
Stylist checklist.

Fashion houses have completed the autumn-winter shows and you can safely create a wardrobe for the cold season. We share our main findings and tips with Shopping Live stylists.

What should be in the wardrobe in autumn

Leather total bow

Leather dresses, skirts, trousers, shirts and blazers, both together and separately, will make up a trendy autumn look. It's time to get out of the closet or buy a new leather jacket, which traditionally joins the ranks of fashionable and sought-after models. The semi-adjacent silhouette has returned to the tops, while oversized remains relevant - such models are convenient to wear in the cold season on a coarse knit sweater.leather bow

Eco fur coat

Such artificial fur coats are also called teddy or cheburashka. They are short, maxi and oversized, with and without a voluminous collar. It is better to choose a color according to personal preferences: you can choose a calm pastel tone or opt for a bright pattern. If we talk about trends, eco-fur coats with a minimalist print and models with original prints in the form of hearts and circles are kept in tops.eco fur coat


Corduroy, velor, and velvet are once again the favorite material for designers. In autumn-winter trends: trousers, dresses, tops and suits are made of pleasant textured materials with a noble sheen. Velvet works best with simple, minimalist accessories, denim, and athletic shoes.velveteen

Clothes with lace

Lace has gone beyond the scope of exquisite decor and has become a full-fledged canvas that embodies the bold ideas of designers. Floral motifs and openwork patterns, elegant black and romantic beige - in autumn and winter, lace wrap dresses and maxi dresses will become an indispensable part of the fashion wardrobe.clothes with lace


Fringe also did not go unnoticed at the autumn-winter shows. It can be seen not only on knitted shawls and sweaters, but also on evening dresses and skirts, jackets and capes, reminiscent of quivering plumage. Now fringe is not just an element of decor for handmade scarves and hats, but an actual reference to Bohemian chic.fringe

sport chic

Collaborations of fashion houses and sports brands gave the autumn-winter period a trend familiar to everyone - an adapted sports uniform. Olympic jackets, joggers, sneakers - more and more girls are choosing a sporty aesthetic for their wardrobe.Play with contrast and combine sporty style with feminine silhouettes, light, flowing textures. It is not only convenient, but also beautiful.sports chic

Preppy style

Preppy is a clothing style that originated from the uniforms of students in prestigious private schools who are preparing to enter elite institutions of higher education. Commonly preppy items include a tie, pleated skirt and shorts, a diamond-printed cardigan, a jersey vest, and a jacket.preppy style

To quote this style, combine no more than three colors in one set and do not forget about casual details that give even the most business style a bit of relaxation.


The bomber jacket remains the hit of this season and still surprises with its variety. Satin, leather, sporty, embroidered and shiny, this bomber jacket can be the most fashionable jacket of the autumn-winter season. Choose a model according to your mood and combine it with a skirt that suits your style - such a duet will be the most trendy.

Oversized bags

Overseas looks stylish not only in clothes, but also when it comes to bags. Large models perfectly complement the autumn wardrobe and contain everything you need: from a laptop and a diary to running shoes, and a lunchbox with a snack. The trend is maxi sizes, which are one and a half to two times larger than the usual large bags.over sized bags


Gloves are one of the fall/winter trends. It is better to choose models of the same tone with outerwear, ideally - to find the maximum match in print. You can also be inspired by the ideas of fashion houses and combine high gloves with dresses: evening and casual.

What shades of clothes are suitable for autumn

The palette of the autumn-winter season will please both lovers of restrained soft tones and adherents of bright saturated colors. Delicate pastel pink, classic camel, eccentric fuchsia, neon orange and natural jade are in trend. Designers have been preferring the latter for more than a year: it's time to look into the wardrobe and find "precious" details for a stylish outfit.