Fashionable Velvet Trending Dresses

Fashionable Velvet Trending Dresses
Velvet dresses are a trend that women have loved for years. They are pleasant to the touch and exquisite simultaneously so that they can be the basis of many styles. It looks perfect for everyday looks, as well as for evening outings. They come in many colors and styles, which is why every woman will find the right one for her. A velvet dress is a must-have in any woman's wardrobe!
The sumptuousness of an actual and formal fabric, such as velvet, will give the whole outfit a more refined touch. The color should not be underestimated either; precious colors such as ruby ​​red, emerald green, sapphire blue, and absolute black are exact royal shades.
There are also more sensual and charming models, plunging necklines, and corsets adorned with embroidery and shiny rhinestones, a true quintessence of style. For the most daring fashion gurus, in this case, heeled shoes are an absolute must.
Therefore, we present to you our selection of fabulous velvet dresses that we found in the big chain stores, ready to be included in the "timeless pieces" section of the wardrobe.

What colors are worn this year?

You must have noticed that this sophisticated fabric - velvet - is gaining more and more popularity. Designers, fashion bloggers, and stylists worldwide are crazy about this material, which adds a touch of glamor to the style. A single velvet element transforms the outfit into a more elegant and stylish one in just a few moments. However, velvet dresses have become the most popular, which we can wear at significant events and in everyday life, when, for example, we want to look a little more elegant than usual. And I think a royal velvet blue evening gown looks much prettier than others

A question that many women ask themselves is which color of velvet dress will be the right one. Our advice: bet on the one in which you feel the best. A black velvet dress will always be in fashion, but models in shades of red (including burgundy), green (emerald green), purple, silver, gold, navy, and pink are also in fashion. Velvet dresses with prints, especially flowers and hippie paisley, are also on top. However, if you choose a velvet dress with a pattern, do not exaggerate with the accessories - the fabric guarantees the "rich" effect with practical prints. You can also opt for embroidered velvet dresses, a trend back in force this season.

Black velvet dress

It has always been said that black goes with everything, and if we find it in a piece of fabric as elegant as velvet, it gives a great touch. A black velvet dress is an ideal choice for any occasion and velvet dress

Burgundy velvet dress

The burgundy color is the most common in velvet because it is the original color of this fabric. A burgundy velvet dress conveys class, elegance, and well-being, so... If you want to say that, you'll have to buy one.burgundy velvet dress

Green velvet dress

Green is the color of emeralds, nature, and hope. Plus, it usually looks great on a person with eyes of this velvet dress

Yellow velvet dress

A lot of people don't like yellow because it's too bold. I wonder if this color symbolizes light, happiness, and joy.yellow velvet dress

Blue velvet dress

If you are a quiet person and want to wear clothes according to your personality, blue is the color that best represents this characteristic. Look how fabulous these dresses are! Royal blue velvet evening gown also looks pretty nice at a wedding velvet dress

Pink velvet dresses

Not a few women have pink as their favorite color, and it is a vibrant, bold color that only conveys positivity. A perfect shade for happy velvet dress

Purple velvet dress

Violet is the color most associated with luxury, a bit similar to burgundy. It also symbolizes wisdom, power, and magic. There is nothing better than a dress to represent this.purple velvet dress

Red velvet dress

If you want to arouse passion and desire among all those who see you, then a red velvet dress is the best velvet dress

The latest trends in velvet dresses this year

Autumn-winter fashion is glamorous, adorned with rhinestones or sequins and luxurious fabrics such as velvet and satin. This season's street style looks like a red carpet, where ostentatiousness is a trend. The disco aesthetic of the 70s, the avant-garde combinations of the 80s, and the subtle minimalist femininity of the 90s come together to create the best outfits.

Velvet is a sophisticated fabric, sumptuously soft, comfortable, and warm. A velvet dress never goes wrong if you want to look fabulous, regardless of the occasion. Are you wondering what models wear? In the new Zara collection, the velvet dress models are adorned with details that have a "leitmotif" of the holidays because the holiday season is approaching.

In turn, H&M focuses on the "cottagecore" trend of romantic and feminine airs. We are talking about  Royal blue velvet evening gown with short puff sleeves and empire cuts.

Stradivarius goes retro with short velvet dresses with lapel collars, long sleeves, tight along the button closure, tight cut and 70s print, mix of flowers and cashmere, in brown shade.

We conclude with the evening dresses you will wear to dinner, special occasions, and the following parties, from Mango. You can choose between a velvet midi dress with an asymmetric hem, long sleeves with puffed shoulders and draped details on the chest, in brown color or an exclusive online model, with a midi length, a pronounced V-neckline, long sleeves, and a decorative knot detail in the center, in emerald green. An emerald green velvet dress is a must-have in your wardrobe this season!