Stylish new year: 10 colors to wear for new year 2023

Stylish new year: 10 colors to wear for new year 2023

The celebration of the New Year is accompanied by a mass of rituals and traditions - from the obligatory decoration of the Christmas tree to making wishes at midnight on December 31st. In recent decades, another practice has gained popularity - to celebrate the holiday in such an outfit that the mythical patron of the coming year would like. According to the eastern calendar, the patron of 2023 will be the Black Water-Rabbit - a calm and even phlegmatic character who puts comfort, homeliness, and the measured course of everyday life above all else.

If you want to add another pleasant ritual to your life and choose a New Year's dress following Eastern traditions - welcome on board! We tell you what colors the Rabbit loves the most and also help to create a spectacular festive look - from clothes to makeup and manicure. So without wasting any time let's get started that how you can choose 10 colors to wear for new year 2023


Of course, the Black Water-Rabbit loves black - so feel free to choose a luxurious black dress or an elegant suit for your look. So that the outfit does not look mournful, it is better to pick things from noble fabrics with a smooth, shiny surface - for example, silk or satin. Another way to make the look festive and bright is to use decorative trim, which can be made of lace, sequins, beads, or even feathers. Don't forget to accessorize your outfit with the right accessories, such as oversized dangle earrings, a petite clutch, and comfy shoes. The black color can also be used in make-up - the most daring can make spectacular black smokes with shining glitter over a dark base, and those who prefer the classic style can simply draw black arrows and duplicate them with shiny dress


The second color that the Water Rabbit will definitely like due to its associations with the water element is blue. In the New Year's image, it is better to use calm variations of blue, close to natural shades - for example, sky blue, azure or cornflower blue. A cold pale blue hue, which is reminiscent of snow, ice floes and frosty patterns on the windows, will also be very relevant - and in combination with white or silver lace, it will look even more spectacular. And if you plan to wear a New Year's outfit after the holidays, then you should take a closer look at clothes in dark blue, which will fit well into your everyday wardrobe. To create a trendy monochrome look, you can complement the outfit with a manicure to match the dress. And so that such a manicure does not look boring, you can choose a varnish with sparkles or use several varnishes in blue and blue tones at once, creating a beautiful gradient with their dress


In both Eastern and Western traditions, the rabbit is often associated with purity, innocence, and gentleness, so it is not surprising that he liked the color white. To celebrate the New Year, unusual shades of white are suitable - for example, pearl, milky, cream, or vanilla. The Decor is welcome: choose fringes, flounces, embroidery, or lace, complement the look with bright jewelry and minimalist styling - and boldly set off towards the coming year. Oh, and don't forget the makeup! It can be done in bright colors to play in contrast, or you can continue the white theme - for example, draw arrows with white eyeliner or use white ink.white dress

Silver and gold

Silver and gold, traditional New Year's colors, are also quite suitable for the Rabbit and are great for use in festive clothes. For maximum immersion in the atmosphere of the New Year, you can create a total look in one of these shades - for example, put on a shiny dress with sequins, complement it with shining accessories to match, and use silver or golden sparkles in makeup. However, if head-to-toe radiance seems too drastic, these shades can be used in small doses. For example, you can complement an elegant dark blue dress with a silver clutch and shoes, and, along with a black outfit, wear gold jewelry and make a brilliant manicure. And the easiest way to include these shades in your image is to use glitter or highlighter in your makeup. These two colors are the best of 10 colors to wear for new year 2023silver dress


In the year of the Rabbit, the beige range will be especially relevant - even though at first this shade may not seem like the most obvious choice for a New Year's outfit. As we remember, the Rabbit is responsible for coziness, softness, peace and comfort, therefore he loves the appropriate colors - gentle and calm. Beig and sand tones look very delicate and natural, and with their help it is easy to put together a nude look that will look appropriate both at a New Year's party and in everyday life. Makeup can also be done in the nude range, and golden or bronze highlighters, which can be used both on the face and on the body, will help to add festivity to it.beige color


The color of young grass, emerald, and malachite - these and other natural shades of green are very to the liking of our Rabbit, so you can safely include them in your festive look. In addition, they themselves evoke associations with the New Year period, as they repeat the tone of spruce and fir needles. Best of all, the green scale looks in combination with noble fabrics, both smooth and textured - for example, satin, velvet or corduroy. A stylish choice for a New Year's Eve party is a spectacular corduroy suit or an emerald satin slip dress with a laconic silhouette. And you can continue the green theme with the help of an eyeshadow palette, which will allow you to create a smoky eye makeup that is in harmony with the color of the new year dress


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Emerald green

Emerald green is a vibrant, fresh hue for the New Year 2023. It is a wonderful choice for a bold, luxurious look that will make a statement. The deep, rich tone is sure to bring a touch of class and sophistication to any setting. Whether you choose to use it for interior or exterior design, or as an accent color for a special event, Emerald Green is sure to be a beautiful addition to your color palette.emerald green dress


2023 is the year of the Pink Goddess! To mark the start of the new year, cities around the world will be illuminated in various shades of pink to symbolize the hope and joy that comes with the start of a new year. The streets will be filled with people dressed in pink, and decorations of hot pink, baby pink, and coral pink will adorn homes and businesses. Pink will be the color of the season, and it will bring a sense of optimism and freshness to the New Year. Pink is the color of love, And it's one of the perfect colors of 10 colors to wear for new year 2023 way to kick off a year full of hope, joy, and new new year dress